Good morning all
Weather forecast is  a bit of a mixed bag at the moment with Saturday looking like it could be a good wave day if the lower level winds stay within operating limits. Sunday doesn’t look that flash but that’s two days away yet.
The very good news as Ross has previously advised is that  our airfield has been mown.  We  launched  29 flights off the N/S vector yesterday and as much as we’ve enjoyed Masterton it’s good to be operating back home !
There is still some unraked hay on the E/W vector which will  be removed today hopefully.
All gliders , vehicles and winch are serviceable –  Martyn and Rod are installing the new vario system in GPJ today
Saturday Nov 26
Current plan is to use the winch.
In the event the crosswind proves unmanageable for winching to the north Craig Stobbs is on standby for aerotow  off the western vector
Instructors  for the day are Mark Wilson / Jason Kerr
Martyn Cook is driving the winch
Craig Stobbs is on standby to provide aerotow
Daryl Hayes / Tim Hogan/ Vivienne Bryner  will look after the launch point.
George Rogers  will be working with Tim Tarbotton , Dan Corneanu and Simon Lillico on their Class 2 Engineering training – their patient being GWG.
Sunday Nov 27
Instructors for the day are Kevin Clark and Ross Sutherland
Grae Harrison and Daryl Hayes are driving the winch
Charlie Kern – Smith , Malcolm Smith  , Jason Donovan and Bridget Alan are sharing launch point duties
For Bookings please advise Ross on 021 438 810  or email
Happy flying