Good morning all

Persistent and heavy rain during the week has meant the mowers have again been unable to cut the airfield grass and the airfield remains closed. More than a little frustrating. If it’s any consolation the farmers are equally frustrated.

With more rain forecast for Saturday, and with no bookings in the system, we have also cancelled the option of training flights at Hood in order to consolidate resources for Sunday.

Sunday’s weather is looking more hopeful and we will plan on meeting at the Hangar at 0930 rain or shine. Given decent weather and sufficient interest we will derig a DG and travel up to Hood for aerotow operations. If the weather doesn’t cooperate we have several other activities in mind:

Review of Hazard and Safety plan
Ground operations review
A 1st Introduction to our new S80 varios
Simulator racing

Instructors for the day are Mark Wilson / Ross Sutherland.

Craig Stobbs will provide the Aerotow.

Ian Johnson / Maria Cramp / Brian Sharpe will look after the launch point.

Aerotow for private owners available with or without the DG but please let myself or Craig know by 0930 latest.

Finally, anyone having direct links to the weather gods can please tell them we have now had enough rain – please stop it !!!