Good morning all
We have a southerly weekend coming up and at this stage pretty much anything could happen – with Sunday looking the better of the two days.
As many will have noted we now have Ross Sutherland our Summer Manager back – welcome home Ross !
Ross (with later assistance from our Summer Crew) will be looking after the Booking system for the summer. Our Booking number 021 762 746 is now operational again so you might want to save this on to your phones.
Good to see some of our Youth already booking to consolidate all that good work from last weekend !
Saturday   29 Oct  
Stewart Barton and Jevon McSkimming  will be instructing. Stewart will be leaving
Martyn Cook / Rod Ruddick will be driving the winch.
Tim Tarbotton, Paul Williams  and  Nick Moore  will be manning  the launch point.
Sunday   30 Oct  
Michael O’Donnell and Tony van Dyk will be instructing .
Selwyn Roberts will be driving the winch.
Mike Lennard , Vivienne Bryner and Peter Shearer  will be manning  the launch point ..
Email: Alternatively you can txt or call Ross on the Club’s Booking number   021 762 746