Good evening all
We have a big weekend ahead of us – we are hosting a Youth Glide NZ  Mini Camp !
It’s a privilege to have been granted hosting ‘rights’ and it will be a huge pleasure to welcome Youth Glide members from both our Club and further afield.
Tim Tarbotton, Vice President of Youth Glide NZ is the chief organiser with Jordan Kerr a past President of Youth Glide helping out.
Tim will be circulating an update on the participants and schedule shortly.
Gliding Wairarapa & Gliding Hawkes Bay are both providing two seaters to add to our fleet of two. ( The Hawkes Bay glider has a motor … )
In addition to to the Youth Gliders we will also be completing the preliminary stage of our Papawai Youth Development Programme and our Papawai Marae youth will be with us at various times through the weekend.
So we will be busy.
That said we will certainly have launching capacity for single seaters and some spare capacity, including instructors, on the Twins so please let me know asap if you wish to make a booking – first  come – first served  rules apply …
Not to tempt the weather gods – but it is currently looking like they are in a cooperative mood for the whole weekend 🙂
Saturday   22 Oct  –  Winch   
Kevin Clark, Martyn Cook and George White – Guest Instructor from Hawkes Bay – will be instructing.
Tony van Dyk will be driving the winch.
Brian Sharpe, Steven Graham and  Emile Van de Merwe – ably assisted by a number of Youth Gliders – will be manning  the launch point.
Sunday   23  Oct – Winch
Stewart Barton, Rod Ruddick and George White  will be instructing.
Grae Harrison will be driving the winch.
Mark Skelly , Simon Ford  and Anthony Tribe  will be manning  the launch point – ditto with assistance from the Youth Gliders.
Monday  24 Oct – Winch
Mark Wilson, Michael O’Donnell and George White will be instructing.
Tony Passmore will be driving the winch.
Jordan Kerr, Tim Hogan and Alain Marcuse will be manning the launch point – ditto again re the Youth Gliders
Vehicle Traffic on the Field
With a large number of possible visitors we have two issues we need to deal with – Safety and Pasture Care.
The following guidelines will  be in force:
– Unless you are towing a glider / glider trailer please leave your car at the hangar car park  and catch a lift with a Club or trailer towing car
– If there is no one at the hanger please call me on 027 248 1780 and I will arrange for someone to pick you up or give you instructions
– If you are driving on the field please stay on the gravel tracks or otherwise clearly marked grass tracks . Do not drive through unmarked grass. ( Grass = Green Gold  to the Farmers )
– Do not enter the main N/S vector without a clearance from Launch Point Control ( Radio: 134.45   Mobile: 022 476 2746 )
– Please ensure any visiting friends are aware of the above
Please email Alternatively text or call me on 027 248 1780