Good morning  all

Spring weather –  !/#$! ….

But this weekend marks the beginning of our Papawai Marae Youth Development Programme so come rain, wind or shine we will be meeting and greeting the candidates at the hangar at 0930 on Saturday ..

Paora Ammunson will be there to help us kick things off.

We will be welcoming:

Awhina Southey

Charlotte Rahui

Chris Hemi

Chas Matthew

Please do join us if you can.

Flying these Youth will be our  priority but there will be launch spots available all day both days and two seater availability on a first in first booked basis.


Saturday   8 Oct –  Winch/Towplane

Tony van Dyk will be instructing.

Chris Moss  will be driving the winch.

Murray Milnes will be flying SUG

Jordan Kerr / Alain Marcuse / Paul Williams will be manning the launch point.

This is the first outing for the towplane since it’s scheduled  maintenance  and it’s introduction on a limited basis on Saturday  is being undertaken in cooperation with our neighbours.


Sunday     9 Oct – Winch

Mark Wilson will be instructing.

Grae Harrison will be driving the winch.

Chris Moss / Hamish McCaw/ Brian Sharpe   will be in charge of launch point activities ..

Depending on how the weather shapes up we could be looking at an 0900 start.


Airfield Vehicle Movements

For the next two months whilst the grass is growing furiously there will be some restrictions on airfield movements to allow for grazing and baleage requirements.

These will be subject to change whilst we work out the best configuration but the basic rules will be:

– For all vehicles towing gliders to the launch points please stick to the gravelled  track on the east side of the culvert as far  possible and otherwise on mown grass strips or clearly marked tracks . Do not make new tracks unless unavoidable.

– For vehicles retrieving gliders on the strip please use the mown runways .

– For all other vehicles please use the gravelled tracks to their end points – do not take short cuts across unmown areas

If in doubt please ask myself – your patience and cooperation will be appreciated whilst we sort out a workable pattern for the farmers and ourselves.



Please email Alternatively text or call me on 027 248 1780

Cya there