Good evening  all
No need to update you on today’s weather !
Saturday isn’t looking that flash either as this weather system seems determined not to leave peacefully. We also have an instructor down  and  GPJ potentially on the u/s list for the day … So, all things considered, we’ve decided to consolidate our resources, let the field dry out,  and make Sunday a great day:

Sunday   11  Sep – Winch

Tony Passmore will be instructing with a second instructor standing by.
Grae Harrison  will be driving the winch.
Ian Johnson, Maria Cramp and Brian Sharpe will be manning  the launch point.
Weather permitting we will be briefing both crew and students at 0930 SHARP. Private owners are encouraged to be close behind – Tony van Dyk would like company …
The days are getting longer – last launch 5:00 pm or thereabouts.
Two days into one = a good idea to book …


Please email Alternatively text or call me on 027 248 1780
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