Good morning  all
On the bright side the days are getting longer and Sunday’s weather is looking good .
Saturday’s weather, on the other hand, is looking wet and possibly windy, and given that we currently have no alternative working bees in the works to keep folks otherwise occupied, we have decided to cancel flying for the day.
For Sunday GGR ,and GNB are  on line.  GPJ has a U/S nose hook . It’s possible it will be cleared by the weekend . Otherwise the belly hook may be ok for winch launching but it must first be tested and released for service by an engineer.
SUG is minus magnetos for servicing . Please don’t rotate the prop whilst moving in and out of hangar.
Sunday   28 Aug – Winch
Tony van Dyk will be instructing.
Stewart Barton will be driving the winch.
Mike Lennard, Ian Johnson  and Maria Cramp will be manning  the launch point.
Weather permitting we will be looking at  a briefing for both crew and students at 0930 SHARP
Coming events – A reminder
On Saturday 03 September we are holding a full club meeting at 2:00 pm at the South Wairarapa Workingmen’s Club.  This will be preceded by flying in the morning and followed by dinner in the evening.  A main objective of the day is social . We have several new members and this is an opportunity for us to get to know one another better and at the same time get an overview of Club developments both current and planned. 
Dinner is open to family and friends .
Please email Alternatively text or call me on 027 248 1780
Enjoy the day