Good morning all
Yet another typical winters weekend on the way .
It looks like Saturday is going to be  marginal with rain showers throughout the day .
Sunday is looking good.
Given very light demand on the Saturday but with both the DG’s  and instructors required for Sunday we have made an early decision to cancel flying Saturday and focus our resources on Sunday.
We also have another (shorter) fence to deconstruct towards the southern end of the N/S runway which we should be able to make short work of with a good team on the field
So, the line up will be:
Sunday   04 Aug – Winch
Mark Wilson will be instructing sharing duties with Martyn Cook
Tony van Dyk and Chris Moss will be driving the winch.
Tim Tarbotton and Peter Shearer will be manning  the launch point. Both Daryl Hayes and Brian Sharpe will be standing by to assist.
We have at least one winch rating to complete on Sunday so will be looking for a quick turnaround on rope break retrieves .
Weather permitting we will be looking at  a briefing for both crew and students at 0930 SHARP
Other notes
For fence work please bring  gloves and a hammer.
Please email Alternatively text or call me on 027 248 1780
Hope to see you on Sunday