Good evening all
Typical winters weekend on the way – a mixed bag.
It looks like Saturday is going to be very marginal  – the Tree Planting is now  postponed.  
Flying Sunday could however work.
We will leave the final decision for Saturday until Friday evening but if we do fly, the lineup will be:
Saturday 06 Aug –  Winch
Kevin Clark  / Jevon McSkimming  will be instructing .
Tony Passmore will be driving the winch
Launch point control will be in the hands of Simon Lillico and Jordan Kerr
And for Sunday,  which is looking more promising:
Sunday   07 Aug – Winch
Mark Wilson will be instructing.
Selwyn Roberts will be driving the winch.
Brian Sharpe and Steven Graham will be manning  the launch point
Other notes
The cable car (Nissan – green) now has a rotating beacon and radio.  Note that these items are not switched off by the ignition.  Use the reading light switches. Thank you Martyn.
GPJ is off-line for it’s Supplementary. Should be back on-line next weekend . David Hirst / Martyn Cook are doing the honours standing in for George Rogers (who is also off-line for the next few weeks ) – get well quickly George.
Please email Alternatively text or call me on 027 248 1780
Hope to see you over the weekend.
Stay warm !