Good evening all

The initially very poor weekend weather forecast has been improving through the week . We are backing that trend and the Plan is:
Saturday 30 July – Winch

Tony van Dyk will be instructing .

Martyn Cook will be driving the winch

Launch point control will be in the hands of Tim Tarbotton and Dan Corneanu

We will however hedge our bets for Saturday – this is a rain or shine day and if we are not flying we will be clearing a fenceline . Please bring your claw hammer, gloves , gumboots … and a raincoat. ( Have been learning it takes torrential rain or hurricane winds to keep the locals off the land !)
Sunday 31 July – Winch

Tony van Dyk is on a double header and will be instructing again.

Stewart Barton and Steven Graham will be driving the winch.

Brian Sharpe, Malcolm Smith , and Charlie Kern – Smith  will be manning the launch point