Good morning all,
At this stage about the only thing looking certain for the weekend’s  weather is a SW airflow – if the rain stays away that could suggest some wave action could be in the air.
We are fully resourced for launching on both days . We have instructors for one DG on both days with a further instructor  likely available if the demand is there.
Saturday 16 July –  Aerotow
Jevon McSkimming will be instructing .
Steven Davies-Howard  be piloting SUG
Launch point control –  Alain Marcuse
Sunday   17 July – Winch
Kevin Clark will be instructing.
Tony van Dyk / Steven Graham will be driving the winch
Ian Johnson / Maria Cramp / Daryl Hayes  will be Launch point control
Coming events
We were intending to get a lecture series started this coming  Sunday but this has been deferred – further details to follow.
Please email Alternatively text or call me on 027 248 1780
Fingers crossed for weather gods cooperation !