Good morning all,
Looking like a good  weekend  coming up – clear skies forecast  both days , possible westerly’s on Saturday 🙂
We are fully resourced for both days.
Bookings are currently light for Saturday but with that westerly  in the forecast that could change quickly  – now would be a good time to get your name on the list.
Saturday 02 July –  Aerotow
George Rogers / Jevon McSkimming will be instructing which covers us from ab initio to advanced
Rob Foley  will be flying SUG
Launch point control Brittany Grieve / Daryl Hayes
Sunday   03 July – Winch
Tony van Dyk will be instructing.
Mark Wilson / Selwyn Roberts will be driving the winch.
Anthony Tribe / Tim Hogan/ Brian Sharpe  will be launch point control
One glider / instructor is pretty much fully booked . We have a second Instructor lined up for the second DG so don’t be bashful in coming forward !
Winch Ratings
It takes time to work through winch ratings ( We can only do 2 possibly 3 per flying  day ) and we are keen to help pilots  get these done as soon as possible to avoid a log jam later .  In order to help us do this could pilots  wanting a rating please  advise of your interest and the weekend you would like to get this done. We can then prebook glider and instructors. Old time flying list rules apply – i.e. first in – first served !
Please email Alternatively text or call me on 027 248 1780
Coming Events
We are hoping to get a weekly QGP Winter Lecture Series started on Sunday July 17 at a Greytown venue with timing 1000 – 1200 – flying to follow . The first talk will be introductory with Tales to be Told by Glider Pilots Bold.
All pilots welcome .
Please pencil in the date.
Hope to see you on the field