There is a lot more to a gliding club than just the flying!

Why not pay us a visit? Visits are for free.

On a typical visit to our field you will find our members positioning and preparing gliders to be launched, driving the launching winch, piloting the towplane, instructing new students, coaching advanced students, meeting visitors, retrieving landed gliders, soaking up the sun and of course telling tall tales and true of adventures past and present!

All it takes to apply to join the fun is an interest in things that fly, a ‘can do’ attitude and a sense of adventure.

We have membership categories for all levels including those who may just enjoy hanging out on an airfield and lending a helping hand with the goings on.

Join The Club!

Gliding is a sport for all ages, our most senior member is in his eighties, our youngest is 12.

We are particular believers in building a strong foundation of youth members. Our membership and flying fees for youth are heavily subsidised by the Club to achieve this goal. We are also developing a program of flying bursaries and scholarships to further promote youth development.

Of course gliding visitors from home or abroad are more than welcome to join us for a flight, a day, a month or much longer!

Safety is important!

Like most good things there is a cautionary note – when we are flying the airfield is a busy place and not without significant hazards for the unknowing. It is also a working farm. For these reasons please read and carefully follow the instructions on all signs.

If there is no one about at the airfield entrance gate near the hangar please give us on a call on our Operations phone and we’ll come to greet you. Better still give us a call or email before you visit and we’ll make arrangements then.

Need a ride?

For those without transport we operate a member’s car pool from the Wellington CBD, The Hutt CBD and the Kapiti Coast. That may mean visiting us for the day but we promise you won’t be bored! You may even decide to book a trial lesson while you are at it.

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